Garcon de Troie
Troy is Burning (or how I lost my gay virginity)

by Troy Boy

So back in March of 2010; Springtime, I finally made it to Paris, it’s a very strange city, even the sun dies a little differently here. Instead of collapsing, exhausted, onto the cityscape, it floats quietly away on a dream. I hitchhiked there as a backpacker, with my long hair uncut for months, trying to find myself. I love travel, it’s so liberating when no one knows who you are; I could move about the city nameless, faceless, heartless, too, on certain days. I had ditched Hakim, who i’d met in Morocco and who had been quietly stealing from me to buy drugs, and I was free to do as I pleased.

I took an artist to bed, his name was Guy, Sir Guy I call him jokingly because he had a signet ring with a flying horse on it. I met him in one of the small museums, actually I was outside the Musee Picasso, which I had not realised had been closed for renovations for several years. He was Australian, 30 and an artist. Tall, blond, blue eyes, patrician, dirty, brilliant, tormented, sensitive and brutal. All my favourite contradictory attributes and weaknesses in one person.

I was grateful that he spoke English, he explained that the Musee was closed, he was touchingly apologetic about my disappointment and as he was walking; and I was a bit lost, offered to show me the way back to the Rue de Rivoli. We chatted over coffee in a cafe and then he suggested we go back to his place in the 4th so he could show me his work and draw me. The whole artist model thing is admittedly a bit corny but I was really into him and his jeans did not hide his package.

His place was a spacious 2 room on the 4th floor, of an apartment building in the Marais. The building had ancient winding stairs that looked almost medieval and the rooms had thick oak beams in the walls. I could see the Seine river was just at the end of his narrow street, and through his bedroom window I could just see the top of Notre Dame Cathedral. He sketched me naked in his studio with the heating turned-up. I was uncomfortable in the hard chair, and in the second room he had a desk and two single beds tied together with wire. We had a drink of wine and I could hear the neighbours arguing in Russian. As we talked, I saw he had quite a bulge happening between his thighs!

Then when he touched me with his artist’s hands and kissed me passionately it made me quiver. I moved my hand over his tight crotch and tore the buttons open, he had a thick cut dick and big balls. I pulled down his underwear as he stood up, and as they dropped to his ankles I knelt down in front of him. As I wrapped my mouth around it, I thought of how perfect this was. My first evening in Paris and I could not have asked for a better looking, more attractive man and with a beautiful dick.

Engorged with blood it was getting harder as I started to suck him, feasting on the big rock-hard dick, starting from the fat head until it hit the back of my throat and continued going down as I took all of it. Guy moaned softly in pleasure, but held my head firmly by my long hair and started skull-fucking me, I nearly gagged a couple of times, but he knew when to slow down and pace himself.

I’m not really a bottom, I had been with a couple of guys previously in college who were nothing special and caused a lot of discomfort when they’d tried to drunkenly mount me, and I got through those years mainly by giving head, hand-jobs or topping guys. I knew that he might be a bit too big for my inexperienced hole so I tried to make him cum, hoping that maybe he won’t be able to continue. But Guy sensed what I was doing and kept his cool; he slowed down when he was near the point of no return and stopped. His dick, sliding-out and slapping against my face a couple of times as punishment.

I was kneeling in front of him totally naked on the cold tiles. I have quite a nice, butt and Guy had noticed it right away, his hand traveled down to cup my right ass cheek and there was no escape. He squeezed it like a piece of ripe fruit, felt it a couple of times and then pushed my mouth away from his balls, which I’d been sucking on, his skin it just tasted so good.

Guy bent me over the edge of the bed and spread my cheeks with his big hands, he spat on my asshole and gently explored the ripe pucker with his finger before sliding it knuckle by knuckle in all the way, making me gasp. It was reducing me to a hot mess and I was bringing me so much pleasure. He was taking his time finger-banging my ass, deeper and deeper and I was at a point that I knew was soon to have an orgasm. I could have begged to get fucked at that point, but Guy stopped, then started to finger fuck me wider, sliding in two and then three of his long fingers, and that was almost more than I could take.

I told him, “Guy, that feels so good, oh, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh please fuck me, yes, fuck my ass!” That is what he was waiting to hear. He got kneeled behind me popped in a condom, and in one push entered my puckered hole; invading it all the way, balls-deep up to his pubes. I felt sharp pain that made my head swim. I was choking-up, and drooled on my cheek from being penetrated and stretched so fully.

But it didn’t last long, pain in the ass from a nice big dick is only temporary, I began to feel a warm glow start to build and I knew that the pleasure of his large cock gliding in-and-out of my hole would be fantastic. I held on to the creaking bed frame and he was plummeting his cock faster into my boy-pussy without mercy. It was as if he was getting a small kick from double edge of my pain and could sense my growing pleasure. He wanted to give me a memorable fuck and was succeeding.

He was one of these controlled guys who can take forever to shoot the wad if he wanted to. So he knew he had something good going, and was hell bent on enjoying it for as long as possible. I think Guy started to get close to shooting his wad and he pulled his dick out and now went down on me. After a few minutes I made him stop because I had been so close to experiencing something amazing and having my fingers jammed in there while he was sucking me was not enough. I suggested we get up onto the bed and once we were there, he revisited my hole with his cock once more.

Do you like it? He whispered in my ear? Do you like my big cock in you And I think I said something like- Oh, you have no idea how good that feels… He began to get back into his rhythm, and I could not help but moan Yes, oh, oh, fuck me, yes, fuck my hole! yes! I’m going to cum!!! I wasn’t touching myself and shot my load. It seemed like I was floating, but stream after stream of my cum was creamily spilling down my thighs, soaking into the bed sheets underneath me.

He sensed my asshole was doing contractions as I came and slowed down, and he was very vociferous, and then when he was cumming he sounded like some animal gone wild: growling as every muscle in his body vibrated: Ugh, aarrhg, aargh, oohhh, ooooooo!!! and he shot his wad into the condom, filling it up. My final contractions milking every last drop from his throbbing cock. He rolled over on his back exhausted and I carefully peeled it off his dick and drank all the delicious cum out of it. He looked shocked and we fell asleep in each others arms, I was like a dead boy.

In the morning he rolled-over with a massive hard-on and fucked me awake, and then after kissing me all over for awhile he fucked me again so slowly and tenderly in the shower, it was torturously amazing. Before parting he was a real gentleman, he made me coffee, we shared a pan of buttery scrambled eggs and warm baguette as I sat across from him on the bed wearing a clean t-shirt with nothing underneath, naked from the waist down, both like savages down there, his cock contentedly lolling agains this leg.

He walked me down to the street door and kissed me passionately goodbye. As I walked out into the spring day, I had a moment of clarity and smiled to myself, I realised that I had never been kissed like that and that I no longer secretly felt like a gay virgin.

I visited Guy again twice that week; one of the happiest of my life, but then I had to finish my journey as I was running out of money. I lost his number or email when I was robbed in Prague. But a few months later I looked up his website, and his profile on Facebook, I know its a bit stalky, but I was happy to see that Guy has a gorgeous boyfriend now and successful career, and I really wish him every happiness. Maybe If I ever make it to Sydney i’ll see him again… and maybe, hopefully we can do a threesome.